Saturday, 21 June 2008


Yikes! I've been double-tagged by PinkPuppy and Ultramum! Thanks ladies :-)

The Rules of the game
Each player answers the questions about themselves.
At the end of the post the player then tags 5-6 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.

Ten years ago?
I was at uni (as a mature student - which is an oxymoron if i ever heard one!) studying history during the day and working in BUPA's call centre at night. Where on earth did I get the energy from?????

Five things in today’s to do list?
  • Clear out cupboards
  • Make blueberry muffins (diet variety unfortunately)
  • Work on my new website (details to be announced soon I hope)
  • Order new mattress for my Dad
  • Clip Twinkle's claws (not yet done)
Snacks I enjoy?
  • Custard cream biscuits
  • Salami wrapped round cream cheese
  • Mini Cheddars
  • Marmite crisps
  • Bananas
Things I would do if I was a millionaire?
  • Ensure my loved ones are well provided for
  • Give up work and adopt a child, or at least fund some children in 3rd world countries
  • Buy a house in the country and a holiday home in a warm sunny country
  • Spend a few months in a top notch health farm getting fit and well
  • Host a big crafting weekend at a posh hotel for all my CB friends with mega stash laid on of course :)

Ohh it's lovely to dream even if just for a few minutes.

OK I am going to tag the following peeps:
  • Tiggertastic
  • Copse
  • FreeHartz
  • Lollies
  • LizLovesWill
  • Max62

5 lovely people comments:

Max said...

LOL ... no worries hunny. Will just change my post from 'tagged twice' to 'tagged thrice' LOL!
Thankfully they are the same questions.


Liz, said...

Great blog and you've tagged me, it's on todays to do list!

pinkpuppy said...

Glad you did it! i also have tagged Tiggertastic and Lollies lol!!

Lauren said...

all done!

Lauren xx

Liz, said...

Mines all done too.