Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Time flies!

Can't believe a whole week has flown past since I last posted. In that short space of time I have managed to nigh on bankrupt myself through craft shopping both at my fave local shop (http://www.art-of-craft.co.uk/)as well as numerous online stores. You know the feeling you get when you just have to have a pretty / shiny / sparkly/cute something-or-other? Well I think I have a sickness as that's how I feel any time I am near anything crafty! LOL Judging by my fellow CB forum buddies, this is quite a common affliction ;-)

Not all bad news tho'. I made this cute card for a few pennies by judicious use of free wallpaper samples and magazine freebies.

Have also been busy making a card for my friend Phil who is getting "hitched" to his partner Christopher. Almost finished now so will post piccie next time.

Have also made some phone charms but the pics are rubbish so I will get some better ones to post up.

Last, but by no means least you will be crazy not to check out SusieB's site as she is offering a very generous helping of Blog candy to celebrate her well-deserved 10k hits. Take a look here
http://whiteribboncards.blogspot.com/ and enjoy browsing her site.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Music while you browse

Been a poorly sick chick today so stayed home and made some ATCs for the CB swap - tho' won't post any pics of them til after the swap so I don't spoil anyone's surprise.

Have also added a playlist to the site so you have music while you browse (though you can pause the player if you prefer)

Back to work tomorrow - but have enjoyed playing with crafting goodies today :-)

Have also learned about the plight of some horses from a fellow CB-er. Please visit her site here http://www.follsfieldsanctuary.org.uk/ and if you can help in any way then it really is the most worthwhile cause!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

My work

Here are some pics of jewellery and cards I have made. Hope you like them :-)

This is the first jewellery I made at bead and wirework class. I love the colours.

And I love the colours of these beads too!
The paisley shapes on this card are decoupage and finished with little gems

This is just a very simple card I made for Easter but didn't get around to sending.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Decided to put some pics up of my jewellrey and a couple of cards - but cannot transfer from my phone as the bluetooth connection on this pc is non existent and I can't find the cable (grr) so will have to wait til tomorrow to post them up.

In the meantime, have made a card for no particular reason at all, which is a first for me as up to now I have only made them as I need them so it was fun to make a random card with no thought as to who it will end up being given to.


Here are some photos of my trip to Las Vegas. It was my first visit there and .. wow! It's just a big, grown up playground - and I loved it!

These beautiful glass flowers are a huge (and I mean, massive) sculpture that adorns the ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

This is the world's biggest chocolate fountain - it's 27 feet high and pumps over two tonnes of white, milk and plain chocolate! I could have died happy in that fountain!
The famous fountains at the front of the Bellagio which dance to music every night.

I just loved this funky looking tree in the botanical garden at the Bellagio

First post!

Well, here we are! I've been thinking about it and now I have done it. I've created a blog. I have seen so many great blogs (mainly those from the Crafts Beautiful members) and decided to join in the fun.

Now all I need to do is get some photos together so you have something to look at!

Hope you will enjoy this page

Chris x