Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bags, tags and bobtails

So, where has the time flown to lately?!   Is it advancing years or just being busy that makes the days and weeks shoot past like sand barrelling down an hourglass at warp speed?  Both, I guess.  I prefer the latter explanation mind you - and to prove the point here are some of my recent creations.  

A fab handbag card complete with charms, phone and a little bling in the form of a jewelled brad.  Gorgeous pearlised card for the main body of the bag, and glossy card for the clasp, handle and charms.  

Next, my first ever commission card - ok, it was commissioned by my big sis, but that's good enough for me! :-)   I thought I was quite clever in fotoflexing text onto the cricket bat, and the sentiment.  Howzat for diy toppers then?

I've become a bit of a fan of swap-bot.com.  Click on the flag at top right of the page to see the swap I am currently hosting.    This bookmark was one i sent off for a previous swap which had to use salvaged items.  I used the tag from a pair of jeans i bought recently.  Tags on clothes are so pretty sometimes, it seems a craft-crime to throw them away so i was real happy to use this on my bookmark, and i have since gained another tag from an item of clothing that is crying out for re-use, so watch this space :-) 

Lastly, a simple anniversary card.  I adore swans, and think they are a perfect symbol of enduring love.  This photo didn't come out so well though - the card is much more a bronze colour and pearlised too.  

So there you have it for now.   Thanks for stopping by xx