Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday 13th January

Have joined a challenge blog with the aim of making a few Christmas cards throughout the year. I figure this is a good thing not only because it should negate the mad rush in December but it will also give me time to use a number of different techniques, which I missed doing when I ran out of time this (last) year.   Aaannnyyyway.. the challenge can be found at the Bah Humbug site and while you're there be sure to take a look at the design team's examples for some inspiration!

Above is the card I started out with. I loved it when I first received it at Christmas and thought to make 3 tags from it, but decided the triptych needed to be together, so I separated the images and mounted them on some gorgeous star studded midnight blue mirri card which I think makes the images really pop! then layered up on gold and red gold for an altogether richer look. Some ribbon and a bow to finish and voila! A card I would not have thought of putting together if not for Bah Humbug :-)
Photo quality could be better but hope you get the idea and like my take on the recycle challenge.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Friday 8th January

Did not venture out today but found beauty within - within the kitchen, that is.
Here is my dish of the day.  A gorgeous melt in the middle chocolate pudding topped with champagne cream..mmmmm...glossy and gorgeous!

Thursday 7th January

Ran a mercy mission today. Father lives in a rural area and was totally snowed in but managed to get supplies to him and took this photo on the way home just as the sun was beginning to set. OK, the snow has been troublesome for travelers, but it makes everything look so beautiful. I think I could happily live in a Christmas card scene.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 6th January

Look away if easily offended, as today's photo is of the Texas Snowman Massacre! 
I was stuck when it came to his nose as I only had the tiny chantennay carrots soooo ... I got a parsnip and dipped it in red food colouring.  BIG mistake!! LOL 

The snow made the food colouring all wet and it dripped everywhere!  Now my snowman looks
(a) as though he has a massive cold with that big red blotch round his nose (do you think he looks like he could use some Sudafed?) and
(b) where the red food colouring spattered all over him and the surrounding snow it ended up looking like a massacre had taken place!  Haven't giggled so much in ages!!   

Have measured almost 10 inches of snow here today which for SE England is a LOT!

Will treat you to a 2nd photo today.  (I know, I spoil you rotten!)   On the corner outside the house persons unknown built a snow-workman complete with work-belt, Yorkie mug and hi-viz vest! Brilliant isn't it?! 

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday 5th January

Not made any jewellery in ages, and am resolved to be more productive this year.  Started off with a very simple stretchy bracelet in colours I adore.

Monday 4th January

Today was utterly gorgeous.. blue skies, sunshine and the thickest, whitest, sparkliest frost! 
A perfect winter day.

Sunday 3rd January

Don't you think my Dad looks amazing for an 81 year old? I wish he'd eat more though, hence this Sunday lunch of roast lamb....yum!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Daily photo 1st & 2nd Jan

Have decided to try the photo a day journal so here are my first two. 

Jan 1st - craft supplies I bought the previous day, mostly these are courtesy of my good friend Laverne's generous Christmas gift. Top left is a rinky dinky little bowmaker; some boxes for me to alter, and a fab decoupage pad which is all die cut inside.Under that little lot are two sheets of Kanban toppers which are gorgeously foiled, though shiny does not show in photo. Some of what I think are panduro style beads - flatties and rounds. Two sets of charms - one of angels, one of words (Love, Hope, Joy, Faith) and a pair of Swarovski crosses.  Lots of fabby sheer ribbon and a delicious paper stack that has all kinds of embossing on the paper.

Jan 2nd (Saturday) Visited the local garden centre, which was looking a teeny bit bleak - as you might expect for January - but they have some lovely hollies.  I wanted to buy some, but not sure if you need to have male and female plants to get berries.  How could anyone possibly tell - that's what I'd like to know. Anyway, there was no-one around to ask, so I contented myself with taking this photo.