Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 6th January

Look away if easily offended, as today's photo is of the Texas Snowman Massacre! 
I was stuck when it came to his nose as I only had the tiny chantennay carrots soooo ... I got a parsnip and dipped it in red food colouring.  BIG mistake!! LOL 

The snow made the food colouring all wet and it dripped everywhere!  Now my snowman looks
(a) as though he has a massive cold with that big red blotch round his nose (do you think he looks like he could use some Sudafed?) and
(b) where the red food colouring spattered all over him and the surrounding snow it ended up looking like a massacre had taken place!  Haven't giggled so much in ages!!   

Have measured almost 10 inches of snow here today which for SE England is a LOT!

Will treat you to a 2nd photo today.  (I know, I spoil you rotten!)   On the corner outside the house persons unknown built a snow-workman complete with work-belt, Yorkie mug and hi-viz vest! Brilliant isn't it?! 

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Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Oh your poor snowman, lol!

Ok you guys have us beat for 'creative' (ahem), snowmen! Thanks for the laugh, ha ha