Monday, 1 February 2010

Back to the beading board

It's been simply ages since I made any jewelery, but I took some of my bead stash away with me when I went to Scotland recently and here are a couple of the items I made. 

First I deconstructed an existing necklace, to make a new necklace, bracelet and two pairs of earrings (a blue pair are not shown in the photo - can't remember why). I added chain at the top as I don't like the feel of big beads sitting at the back of my neck, and it gave me plenty of beads to play with.   

Next is a lariat necklace and earrings I made. These are such pretty beads and I love the rose image on the larger beads.  I probably should not have photographed them on a yellow background as they are a lovely delicate pink colour with clear rocailles. 

Had also made another bracelet, pendant and earrings but I gave them away without thinking to photograph them beforehand.  Anyway, it is enough for me that my enthusiasm for creating jewelery had a little spark - hope to make more soon  :-)

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lucretia said...

Your jewellery is beautiful.