Monday, 8 February 2010


I lost my mother, grandmother and aunt to Huntington's, (an hereditary disorder of the central nervous system) and it looks as though I will lose a cousin to the disease as well.
Fortunately it appears my sister and I do not have the disease, but there are many families whose lives are blighted by this little understood and most cruel disease. It not only alienates them from their families, but it robs a person of their identity, their motor faculties and, as the disease progresses, their memory, ability to swallow or to speak. Ultimately it robs a person of their life memories; they no longer know who their loved ones are and they become trapped in a dysfunctional body with no ability to communicate. I cannot think of anything more cruel. Please offer your support by finding out more about the disease at and viewing the short film at the NHS video library

Thank you x

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tiggertastic said...

chris i am so so sorry to read this news about your cousin, how very difficult for all the family

hugs, Sarah xx

Pam said...

This sounds like a devastating condition. I am certain that it has been difficult for you to watch people that you love suffering.
Hugs to you,