Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Time flies!

Can't believe a whole week has flown past since I last posted. In that short space of time I have managed to nigh on bankrupt myself through craft shopping both at my fave local shop (http://www.art-of-craft.co.uk/)as well as numerous online stores. You know the feeling you get when you just have to have a pretty / shiny / sparkly/cute something-or-other? Well I think I have a sickness as that's how I feel any time I am near anything crafty! LOL Judging by my fellow CB forum buddies, this is quite a common affliction ;-)

Not all bad news tho'. I made this cute card for a few pennies by judicious use of free wallpaper samples and magazine freebies.

Have also been busy making a card for my friend Phil who is getting "hitched" to his partner Christopher. Almost finished now so will post piccie next time.

Have also made some phone charms but the pics are rubbish so I will get some better ones to post up.

Last, but by no means least you will be crazy not to check out SusieB's site as she is offering a very generous helping of Blog candy to celebrate her well-deserved 10k hits. Take a look here
http://whiteribboncards.blogspot.com/ and enjoy browsing her site.

3 lovely people comments:

tiggertastic said...

Love the card hun, the little girl is so cute. sarah x

Ickle Pickle said...

Gorgeous card, so cute :)

Cazzy said...

That is a cute card, I like it.